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JAPAN trip 2015 \\ part2

Here is a selection of night time photos during my trip to Japan. Its an incredible city to travel through at night. Super safe, I remember seeing young school kids on their own traveling on the vast array of subterranean trains dressed in their school uniforms and matching rain gear.

I stayed with two guys who shared an apartment and ran an AirBNB in Setagaya. They left early every morning, between 7 and 8am and only returned home at around 10pm or later. That was their routine, which included, going for drinks or dinner after work with fellow employees. It’s very much tradition. Or work overtime or have extracurricular activities to attend. The city never sleeps and up until 11pm at night there is very heavy subway activity.

The rain, during the month of July, is almost constant yet soft and gentle. The air was thick with a warm humidity and as you walked around you could feel it push against you. It was a constant 20 degree Celsius all day everyday but it felt like 40 degrees.

I would mostly leave the house with only my D750 and a smaller older generation 35mm f2 lens. Its perfect for low light scenes and great for just about anywhere.


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