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Wedding Tips

I’ve managed to put together a few tips to help ease the stress of your most wonderful day!

1. Get a good nights rest with at least 8 hours sleep
2. Don’t stress over little things on your day, things will happen as they are supposed to happen
3.  Have fun on your day! It’s your day and you are the VIP!
4. For the bride: take a comfortable pair of shoes along for the reception to take some stress out of your feet.
5. Be super nice to your photographer, he works hard and his job is rated in the US as one of the 10 most stressful jobs, if he or she is treated fairly and nice I’m sure they will go out of their way as I do and it will be way more fun to work together.
5. For the bride: some brides also have another dress waiting at the reception, one that might be easier to party in!
7. For the groom: take along some breath mints or gum, it’s great relief for a dry throat or te help when you’re thirsty but can’t get to water and besides you want your bride gasping for air when you are leaning with an ogre like – I do 🙂 (but remember to do it quickly and sneakily, you don’t to stand in front of 100 guests with a jaw going up and down as you chew)
8. Have fun and relax! It’s your day! Wait I already said this… but it’s important 🙂
9. did I mention? Treat your photographer well??! 🙂  I know I go out of my way when a couple is super nice to me, karma does come around & she is very generous!

PLEASE NOTE: This is all true and comes from experience. (I’ve shot well over 65 weddings)

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