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SunStar in Cape Town

So yesterday I decided to take my camera and shoot the new SunStar beacon of hope art installation that was recently installed on Signal Hill in Cape Town.

I decided to share some photos and yes I know it’s a bit too much.. 🙂 Just enjoy. Still busy uploading a short film I did as well. and here it is –



ssm_E7U_3033 ssm_E7U_3039 ssm_E7U_3041 ssm_E7U_3055 ssm_E7U_3059 ssm_E7U_3064 ssm_E7U_3071 ssm_E7U_3072 ssm_E7U_3073 ssm_E7U_3075 ssm_E7U_3078 ssm_E7U_3079 ssm_E7U_3085 ssm_E7U_3092 ssm_E7U_3094 ssm_E7U_3098 ssm_E7U_3111 ssm_E7U_3110-Edit ssm_E7U_3101 ssm_E7U_3038


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