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World War II in photos

I came across this site a while ago and it’s been slowly updating every few months and finally it’s complete. Complied by Alan Taylor it paints a very poignant picture of the world at war and the consequences and the people, click here to view it the entire collection.

Here are some of my favorites. This first one was shot by Ansel Adams in one of the Japanese “concentration camps” in the USA, officially labeled internment settlements via Executive Order 9066 as issued by Pres. Roosevelt. That is one thing that really gets me about the world war 2, the Germans where severely persecuted and prosecuted for their concentration camps but it’s quite alright for the Americans to do something similar and then upon that humiliation to Americans of Japanese decent, go bomb the hell out of Japan with not only two atomic bomb drops but they killed over 100 000 thousand civilians in one air raid with their incendiary bombing on March 10, 1945. One night! That is more people that were killed in the first atomic bomb drop over Hiroshima. This is the really interesting bit, it took 1700 tonnes of bombs to destroy Tokyo and kill over 100 000 people and only 600 milligrams of the 64kg Uranium core ignited and released energy that caused the destruction of Hiroshima. Ok I dont want to get too preachy now, but please if you have time, go to the site and browse thru the library of images, there are some truly stunning pictures, I know this is not really an upbeat post but one I felt I had to share. Please this also goes with a warning, there are some graphic images that might upset the sensitive viewer.

Images that might be of interest to those that do not like doom and gloom are the color photographs used for propaganda, as seen below, really stunning images.

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