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VIVA Las Vegas!

Yes that’s right! Las Vegas! So I had the pleasure of visiting the States a couple of weeks ago and on my very first trip ended up in Las Vegas of all places. I know, can you believe it?! Am I crazy or what? Not entirely 🙂

See there was a convention there called the WPPI. The largest of it’s kind, an International Wedding and Portrait Photographer Expo and Convention. There were close to 16,000 attendees this year, held at the magnificient MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. My facebook page has lots of pics from the expo itself, I will be putting up more of my own personal snaps I took while walking around (and did I walk! Probably close to 6km’s a day, which is way over my daily walkable budget)

It was an incredible experience in a massive place. One truly feels small and a good pair of comfortable shoes is essential, forget about being too snazzy, your feet will die. There was another reason I went to Vegas and that was to support my brother, Jean-Pierre, he had been nominated by the Framed Awards as one of the top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World, what an honor! I met the most awesome people while I was there, Kristi Sutton Elias, Corinne Alavekios, Jerry Ghionis, Jose Villa, Jonas Peterson, Benjamin Von Wong, Gregory Georges, Elizabeth Messina, Christy Weber, Blair DeLaubenfels and an artist from San Diego Kathryn Williams to name a few. So great to meet you all!

You can see some more from the WPPI here. You can see more of the Framed awards here.

The glorious MGM Grand Hotel. Yes, there another lady in Vegas holding up the flame of liberty A view of the good ol strip. Yes we stayed at the castle, its big. If I remember correctly this was shot in the bus, just came out great 🙂 Yes that is a Chewbacca standing in the streets of Vegas. Oh right, it was also Nascar week in Vegas! The place was packed with people. Just 300 000 people came down for Nascar. Sad to have missed the water works show at the Bellagio There be pirates, arrrrh! I SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT THOSE BOOTS DAMMIT! An bike from OCC This was at The Luxor, (the pyramid shaped hotel) and the girls dance inbetween the poker and black jack tables, for tips. Or so I hear. Yep that’s me and my brother 🙂

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