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A good reminder of what we have

The strange and complicated irony of life. So today I was feeling good on my way to a Pick-n-Pay I saw a beggar sitting against the wall, white guy, nothing unusual nowadays, and I always feel sorry for them, although I wont show it and will chase them away, today I found myself feeling very empathic, so I decided to buy him some food to give to him when I come out and wouldnt you know, when I got outside he was gone!

I even went looking for him but could’nt find him and I felt sad, knowing how he must feel, not allowed inside the Pick-n-Pay, resentment, bitterness and sadness and here comes a stranger wanting to help but he missed that opportunity, or maybe I missed it, maybe it was my lesson, I don’t know yet but I still feel bad.

Although I have helped so many people like this before and in other ways I never tell anyone about it. Like I’ve never told anyone that I shoot at least one wedding a year completely pro bono! This year I feel like I might just surprise someone with that news, hopefully they will be getting married somewhere very exotic! Hawaii, New York, Tokyo, Paris, Maldives and Rome comes to mind 🙂 This previous post come to mind.

Have a great week everyone!

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