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Cape Town Soccer World Cup

The game that is loved and adored by millions of people across the world is coming to our shores this year, we can embrace it with open arms, love it or hate it, either way you have a strong feeling associated with this game.

The urge to play is so strong that you will play at the very heart of the game on a field of thorns and broken bottles where pipe dreams are a reality. This post is not wedding related but heart related. Last year I wanted to exhibit these images in a gallery to help raise funds for these kids, to help them buy shoes and new equipment, a new net perhaps? The strange thing is this they had corporate sponsorship and I was commissioned to document a social soccer game. The time I never saw these sponsors, they only arrived right at the very end to come pose for a group photo and then disappeared as quickly as they came. And the sponsorship? Didn’t really see except for small gift bags with corporate logos emblazoned all over everything, but it sure does look good in the pictures.

These are the pictures you would not see in their report, the pictures showing boys playing without shorts, young boys borrowing clothes form the older boys, some even barefoot and others splitting one pair of shoes between two of them.

Amongst all the feelings of disbelief and disgust I felt towards the big corporate company I noticed something peculiar. Nobody else cared! They loved playing the game, for them it’s not about what you wear and how much it cost, how level the field is or even whose watching or scouting you! It was just plain and simple about the love of soccer. Please enjoy these pictures 🙂




If you feel moved and want to make a donation towards them or buy a print from me, please contact me about various options.

  • January 31, 2010 - 11:12

    lizellelotter - Hectic Eric! Ek love die shots!

  • January 29, 2010 - 12:49

    Marlene - Wow Eric, great work. Where can we contribute? So sad about sponsorship never getting to the real need

  • January 26, 2010 - 13:50

    Du Wayne Denton - Great set of images. Love the shot with the broken net.

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