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Adobe Lightroom Introductory Workshop

URGENT UPDATE! Our venue has been moved, please see below!

Officially yes this is happening on the 25th of May at the beautiful Nooitgedacht Estate in Stellenbosch! It will be a full day event so please book as soon as possible to get your seat, limited space is available. Please email me to book a seat or leave a comment below.

R1200 for a full day introduction course to Adobe Lightroom. Note this is specifically for beginners with no prior knowledge of Lightroom, this will set you up to start working and learning as you work in LR. (Knowledge of other editing programs essential, even if it is basic knowledge of what levels, exposure, saturation, sharpness etc. is)   WE will specifically be looking at a real world working scenario and editing of specific photos in a RAW vs Jpeg basis. We will be shooting a series of specific images for the course that will simulate what might happen at a wedding or shooting an event and how to deal with those images in an editing environment.

Course will run from 8:30AM till around just after 5PM.

undefined– Jpeg vs RAW in LR
– Importing – Exporting
– Editing in the Library
– Editing in Develop
– Syncing settings
– Tagging photos (ratings and color labels)
– Keyboard shortcuts and some hidden ones
– Practical exercises to learn on the go

Refreshments and lunch is included! Bring a laptop with a working version of Lightroom and your camera! Yes we are gonna start the day with a mini shoot!

So what makes me so qualified to be teaching Lightroom to people? That’s a good question, well I have been working with LR since the first beta version came out! I have tried and worked with almost every other RAW conversion editor out there, from Phase One to Bibble to DxO to ACDSee to DPP to Nikon ViewNX  and even Lightfast and have found LR to be the most efficient with the best quality output. I also have over 14 years experience in working with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Camera Raw. I am a full-time working photographer since 2002. I have also been teaching martials arts and self defense classes since 2009 so I am quite proficient in setting up and working out course modules. So in a nutshell, yes I am very qualified!

  • May 17, 2012 - 16:27

    Eric - Hello Ethne, that wrokshop was held last year and I don’t have any plans yet for further workshops this year, but never say never 🙂

  • May 10, 2012 - 19:47

    Ethne Mudge - Hi Eric
    I am most interested in this workshop, how do I proceed?

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